Coromandal Agricocamical Partners

Coromandel Agrico Group is India’s pioneer Crop Protection and Plant Nutrition driven Group that has been leading the Agricultural Inputs market for over 50 years with innovative and high-quality plant and soil products.

We are committed to the well-being of farmers, society and our Earth with products that are efficient yet safer for the environment. The Group has to its credit the Introduction of latest technologies in agriculture in India. Known for the ability to build and sustain brands that spell quality, Coromandel Agrico has envisioned a healthier and greener world with bountiful harvests on sustainable basis.

Coromandel Agrico is one of the first companies in India to discontinued all RED TRIANGLE and low LD50 products from its portfolio.


Novozymes is the world leader in bio innovation. With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes` bio innovations improve industrial performance and safeguard the world`s resources by offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow`s ever changing marketplace.

Coromandel Agrico collaborated with Novozymes BioAg for RUTOZ brand which is based on Endocycorrhizal Mycorrhizal species.


Cytozyme Laboratories USA

Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1975 on the principles of improving people`s lives worldwide through better and environmentally conscious agricultural production.

Cytozyme and Agrimas association established in mid-2009 with the launch of Cash+. The company has expanded the product lines and enjoys valuable relationships with both Agrimas and Coromandel. Cytozyme maintains strong ties, including on-going sales and technical relationships with both the partners and looks forward for further development and mutual growth for many years to come.

CAPL launched AURA XL of Cytozyme, which is a multistage fermentation technology based product.



Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is General Electric Company from USA and is a global leader in Silicone and advanced materials. It is based in Albany, New York and has a 70-year old heritage of being first to market performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The company delivers science-based solutions by linking custom technology platforms to opportunities for customers.

Coromandel Agrico Pvt. Ltd. entered a business tie-up with Momentive for their product Mazik Drop, a superior super spreader which facilitates better spreading, penetration and activation of chemicals used.


Stoller USA

Stoller is a US based organization which is into developing and marketing of nutrition and therapeutics products. It was formed about 45 years ago by Mr. Jerry Stoller, the company`s President and CEO, who is recognized globally as a pioneer of plant nutrition and therapy. It is present in over 65 countries of the world.

Stoller is dedicated to help farmers produce more and better quality crop by enhancing its genetic potential. With proper application of a series of specially designed Stoller products, genetic potential of a crop is taken to a higher level that allows the plant to not only survive but thrive by internally managing both biotic and abiotic stresses. The products are generally non-toxic, environmentally benign and free of harmful residue.

Stoller International has entrusted Coromandel Agrico with the marketing of selected number of products in several states in India like Punjab, Haryana and Uttaranchal and is planning to expand the same in J&K, HP, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. Products such as Bio Forge, Nitro Plus 9, White Label Zinc, Sugar Mover, CAB, Flower Power, Fruit Power and Natural Oil have already been successfully introduced in the Indian market. Coromandel Group is planning to enlarge the portfolio with the addition of a few more Stoller products in coming years.


Verdesian Life Science

Verdesian Life Sciences focused on maximizing crop`s potential by providing nutrients in the most efficient way possible.

To do this, they`ve assembled some of the best and brightest people in the industry. Science and technology is something we don`t shy away from which is why you`ll find us developing ground-breaking nitrogen management technology with the researchers at the world-renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory. But it`s not limited to nitrogen. We are developing and producing nutrient management and efficiency technologies, nutritionals and micronutrients, seed treatments and inoculants, crop health chemistry and biologicals, as well as soil surfactants for the agriculture, turf and ornamental industries.

Their head office is located in Cary, North Carolina, we have production and manufacturing facilities strategically located in Visalia, California; Pasco, Washington; and Kentland, Indiana, which give us the ability to produce and custom blend large-scale or small volume runs of liquid and dry formulations.



BioIberica is a biotechnology company specializing in the identification and extraction of biomolecules of high biological and therapeutic value from tissues of animal origin. They are the leading Western producer of heparin (the world`s most commonly used anticoagulant and antithrombotic) and leaders in osteoarthritis and joint health for people and animals. Bioiberica also specialists in the development and production of high-quality ingredients for farm animal feed and natural products to beat plant stress. Bioiberica today is the fruit of a team formed by more than 400 unique professionals who bring their particular strengths to play on constantly innovating and delivering on new challenges.

associated with BioIberica in 2016 and launched NEH Technology Products in India under brand name “Terra Sorb Complex”



Borealis generates enormous added value for the agricultural industry through its broad fertilizer portfolio, which includes N (nitrogen), NP (nitrogen-phosphorous) and NPK (nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium, often called "complete") fertilizers.

Borealis sites are located at the heart of important grain-producing regions. The company operates fertilizer production plants in Austria, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. With around 60 warehouses across Europe and an inventory capacity of over 700,000 tonnes, the company is currently Europe's leading fertilizer wholesaler.

associated with Borealis in 2017 and launched Naturally extracted Plant stress management Products in India under brand name “KaBan”


Imerys Transform to Perform

Imerys S.A. is a French multinational company which specialises in the production and processing of industrial minerals. It is headquartered in Paris and is a constituent of the CAC Mid 60 index.

Imerys has operations in 50 countries and has more than 16,000 employees. It extracts and processes rocks and minerals on behalf of customers in the manufacturing and construction industries

We associated with Imerys in 2017 and launched Mining Technology Based Products in India under brand name “Coro-NMD